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Terms and Conditions

Setavand Company the owner of the Diaco Brand is hosting:

The owner of the selected designs not only would receive valuable awards but would also have the opportunity to join the Setavand group. For observing the samples and more information go to this telegram address: @Diacodesigners

The required technical features of the submitted designs

You have to send at least three designs

The submitted files should be open and in PSD/TIFF formats

The minimum resolution of the designs should be 6000 pixels

The submitted designs should be original and had to be designed by the person who sent them.

The designs must use 3D shapes and parts and the protuberances and depressions of the design must be tangible and illustrated by lightning and shadow play.

Different shapes and parts must be designed with adequate precision, please use metal, wood, stone and plaster materials to illustrate the different part of the design.

The harmony and integration of the different parts of the design must be heeded, in a way that there will be no disharmony and stain on the design.

The principles of designing such as the color and the style should be heeded according to the function of the design (for large wallpapers)


The Guideline of Diaco’s Website in Order to Use its Services

Please heed the following direction when ordering an item for a secure purchase with no problem.

Confirming an order implies that the customer is aware of the e-commerce laws and the specified laws and principles of this website.

Please be careful when confirming an order. Confirming and therefore paying for the purchased item or items implies that the customer has full awareness of the whole process of purchasing an item or items.

All of the orders are received between 8:30 and 17 of each day, therefore the remaining orders outside these hours can be followed up before 10:00 of the next day.

You can follow up your orders either through online feature of the site, or by SMS or by calling.

Please make sure that your delivered product is safe and without damage.

All of the written and spoken correspondence of the company with its customers would be through the official numbers specified on the “about us” page.

The time of the items’ deliverance would be counted according to the business days. Business days are between Saturday and Thursday of each week minus those official holidays and those days that would be announced holidays by the government.


If any problem occurs in the process of calculating the price and the Rial value of the items in the Diaco’s website, the right to revoke the order and the purchase by the customer is preserved for Diaco. Diaco would return the received money as soon as possible to the bank account that has been provided by the customer. The customer can follow this process by entering into his/her account on the site and do not have the right to have any claim on this issue.


The members must fill out the form of their order meticulously and completely with correct information. It is self-evident that in case of wrong and incorrect information the member’s order would not be subjected to any sort of follow up. However, the customers can add the name, telephone number and the address of a third person for the deliverance.

Considering the ordering system, it is not possible to re-issue any factor or change its information. Particularly it is not possible to change a legal factor to natural one. Therefore, it is essential that the customers be careful about this issue when having an order. And if they need a legal factor they have to choose “filling out the legal information” and then by entering the information of your organization when ordering an item, you will receive an official legal factor.