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Colorful flowers and Chinese butterflies 2 wall mural

 Colorful flowers and Chinese butterflies 2 wall mural

Colorful flowers and Chinese butterflies 2 wall mural

47700 Toman

Wall covering with arbitrary dimensions from Golden Art album This product is manufactured with Diaco standards, and is under Diaco guarantee.

  • SKU: 90189
  • Unit of measure: Square meters
  • Stock: 1000

Please input height and width in cm

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  • Description

    The wall poster is a kind of wall covering such as wallpaper that is attached to walls in different dimensions and designs. Since the important point in using the wall posters is the image and its design, thus, it is possible to use different designs of these posters, including several divisions, such as nature, art, the facing of the city, classical, modern, and so on in various spaces, including the living room, child room, office spaces, and offices. It is possible to select easily these posters for each space because of the wide variety of color schemes of these posters. For example, bright colored posters are considered for small spaces, and posters with dark color are considered for larger spaces. It is possible to meet any idea that seems unattainable for a living and working environment using the wall poster. Diaco collects and provides a wide variety of popular and selected images among applicants in recent years.

  • Technial Details

    Material: washable wallcovering

    Weight: 240 grams

    Type: modern & classic

    Max width: without any limitation

    Max height: without any limitation 

    Max roll width : 1 meter

    Coating: PVC, Polyurethane 

    Brand: Diaco (R)

    Dimensions: arbitrary

    Made in: Iran

    Glue: not included

    Washable: Ok

    Antistatic: Ok

    Packing: Ok

    Printing type: Eco-solvent

    Packing weight: 620 grams

    Printting ink: enviroment friendly ink

    Packing dimensions: 115x548 cm



  • Purchase Tips

    Find out all information you need to select the best product and have the right purchase. This article provides you with good advice to help you with your purchase.

    Motif selection

    Choosing a proper motif is one of the most important issues in the poster-buying process. In choosing a poster, the color combination should be attended. Do not afraid to use colors and let the happy and contrasting colors reveal the spirit of the environment and make it fresh. Using dark colors like black and brown in larger spaces, and brighter one such as white, yellow, cream and pink in smaller spaces is suggested. You can also use the 3D poster to make space seem larger. 3D posters include those that make space appear wider by creating a visual error through using shadow techniques, deepening geometric shapes, and creating corridor-spaces.


    After selecting the wall to install the poster and measuring its dimensions, it is suggested to add 5 cm to its width and height in order to minimize the measurement error. For example, if the wall width is 420 cm (4.20 m), increase it to 425 cm (4.25 m), and if its height is 270 cm (2.70 m), consider it as 275 cm (2.75 m).

    If the selected wall has a salience or pillar, the dimensions of all its faces must be added to the final dimensions of the wall. If the salience was along the wall's width, its size would be the width, and if it was along the wall's height, its size would be added to the height. For example, as you can see in the photo, the final height should be from the beginning to the end of the red line, and for the final width you should include from the beginning to the end the
    blue line.

    Simply, rotate the meter around the wall.

    An important point in measuring is to consider its angular. This means that in the width of a wall, the height of the initial and final parts may have two different sizes. In this case, you should measure the wall width or height in several sections (first, middle and end) and then consider the maximum area.

    Installation and substructure cost

    The cost of installing, depending on the ordered size, as well as the substructure cost which is determined by the wall state (the wall should have a completely homogeneous surface, otherwise it needs putty, sandblasting, etc.), is announced by the installer to the customer It is made. Of course, it is worth noting that the installation cost will not be lower than a specified amount, and in orders with a very small work area, this minimum amount will be received by the installer. Contact us for more information.

    Since all posters are checked and controlled according to the sheet checking method in the production unit, all customers are requested to carefully read the instructions in the package before installing them. Therefore, after installing the poster, the company will have no responsibility for replacing and correcting it. In the event of any defect in the order, please inform us by reading the “Conditions of Product Return” part.

    *** The installation instruction is inside the package. The installer should and acknowledge that he is familiar with the installation of overlapping paper since incorrect installation will cause damage to you. ***


  • After Buy Tips

    Tracking the design confirmation

    Dear customer, within the next 24 hours after registering the order, our selling experts will contact you to verify your order in two times. If you dont answer to phone call, your order will be verified automatically.

    To contact Diaco experts, you can call +982166176896 and +982166965661.

    Dear customers, it is requested that, up to the time of preparation of the order, proceed to coordinate with the installer for the time of installation, costs, and description of substruction. It is also worth noting that this complex will provide guidance and advice on the matter with the customers.

    Sending time

    Your order will be ready within 48 hours after final verification. You will be informed by text messages.

    If a number of rolls were not used after installing the wallpaper, you can return them if the rolls are intact and packed for a maximum of 10 days.

    Registration, processing and sending the order

    Working day means Saturday to Thursday each week, except for public holidays in Iran, and all orders are processed during the working days and the first day after the holidays.

    When ordering their product, users must complete the order form with correct information. Obviously, if an incomplete or inaccurate information is entered, the user’s order cannot be tracked and delivered. Therefore, the insertion of the address, email, and fixed and mobile contact numbers is considered to be correct, and in the event that these items are not entered correctly or fully, Diaco is entitled to request supplementary information from the customer to ensure the accuracy and certainty of the order. Also, customers can enter the name, address, and telephone of someone else for order delivery, and the order recipient must have an identification card when receiving the product.

    It should be noted that adding a product to the cart does not mean a product reservation and does not create any rights for customers. Also, Diaco reserves the right to make any changes, including changes in prices, inventory, characteristics and product features, and similar items before finalizing the product. Therefore, customers who are determined to buy are advised to finalize their order as soon as possible. Obviously, Diaco does not have any responsibility for the products that are left in the cart.

    Damage when transporting

    Diaco always makes every effort to ensure that all orders reach their customers throughout the country in the ultimate sense of accuracy. According to the standard packaging, delivery to any trusted shipping company with the user's choice (in the description section) and the declaration of the bill of lading (notification via SMS service) means that any shipping incident is the responsibility of the shipping company.


Abstract flower wall mural
Abstract flower wall mural
47700 Toman
Tree branch and abstract butterfly wall mural
Tree branch and abstract butterfly wall mural
47700 Toman

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