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Diaco, by emphasizing the importance of its customers’ privacy, for purchasing, commenting, and using some feature of the website, requires some information from its customers in order to provide secured and trusted services for its customers. In order to examine and deliver the orders, some information such as the address, telephone number and email is needed. Considering that all Diaco’s activities are legal and within the sphere of e-commerce laws, and the fact that in the purchasing process, by the request of our legal customers, we would issue value added certifications, some information such as the name and national code for natural person and economic code and national sign of legal person for organizational purchases is essential. The emails and telephone numbers that the customers save in their profile, are only those verified emails and addresses that have been confirmed by the customers and all the correspondence of the company would be through them.

Therefore, we suppose that the address, the phone and cellphone number of the customer are right. If the above-mentioned information has not been completely specified, Diaco would ask more information from its customers in order to be sure about the purchase. 

The customers can add the name, address and the phone number of another person for the deliverance of an order, and Diaco would only use this information for that particular purchase.

Moreover, Diaco may use some of the information for contacting its customers, optimizing the content of the website, marketing and would send emails or massages for the members of its website for news, providing particular services, or promotions. If the customers do not like to receive these emails and massages, they can unsubscribe from them through Diaco’s specialists. Not choosing to unsubscribe from them implies that you implicitly agreed to receive those emails and messages and would deprive your right to complain.
It should be emphasized that the members are responsible for the
protection of their username and password therefore, in order to prevent any possible exploitations, the members should not reveal that information. If a member transferred his/her cellphone number to another person then, in order to prevent the possible exploitations and problems, they have to change their profile’s cellphone number.

The responsibility of any damages that would be caused by not heeding the above-mentioned directions by the members will be on the members and they would deprive themselves from suing Diaco. Diaco considers the private identity of its members confidential and will not transfer their private information to any other person or organization unless it is obliged to render them, with a judicial verdict or according to the law. There will be no legal responsibility for Diaco for compensation should such a problem occur and the members will deprive themselves from complaining by registering into the website.