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Payment methods

Payment by internet (online payment)

Members of Diaco should pay the price of their order online when purchasing an item. The successful payment of the purchased item means that the order is finalized. Subsequently our Diaco’s specialist would contact you in order to confirm the order thus there is no need for further inquiry.

How to pay through internet (online)?

The respectful members of the Diaco website can pay the price of their order by all the cards available in the Shtab Network. The below information would be required from you when paying online, after filling out them and then confirming the purchase you will notified.  


16 number of your card which is written on your credit card

Your internet password or your second password, you have to activate your second password

Your second password (your internet password) is different from the password that you use in ATMs

In order to activate your internet password, you have to go to one of your Bank’s ATMs, enter your card, and then change your password in “second password or internet password” available in “password operation” section.

CVV is a 2, 3, or 4 number security code which is written in your card and is useful in internet purchases.

Expiration date; expiration date is inscribed on credit cards. If there is no expiration date on your card, you can use the number 12 in the month section and 99 in the year section.

If there is any other question and problem, please contact our specialists.