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Shopping guide from Diaco

There are two ways for searching the items that you are looking for in Diako’s website.

  1. Using the search bar

    At the top of each pages of the website there is a search section where you can type the name or code of your item (if you already chose your specified model or code) in the search bar and directly go to your selected product.
  2. Using the category of the items

Next to the search bar, different items are categorized. By hovering the indicator of the mouse on each of the categories the related items will appear. Then by clicking on each categories of the items, you will be led to the advanced search section where you can filter your search based on color, design and most popular.

Adding to your cart 

After finally selecting the product that you would like to purchase, you can filter the selected product based on its width, length and heights and then click on the “add to the cart”. You can also add more products to your cart therefore your purchase will be examined and sent at once.

Then by hovering the indicator of the mouse on the “cart” at the top of each page of the website and by clicking on “completing your purchase” you will be led to the next page.

In this stage, enter your username and password if you had registered in the website, otherwise you can easily register in the website by information such as your first and last name, cellphone number, email, and etc.

In this section, in order to complete your purchase, you have to fill out the below options.

The address (where the item would be delivered)

How to send the product?

Then for finalizing your purchase click on the “pay” in order to pay through all the Shetab credit cards.