جستجو در دیاکو

My beautiful house

Have you ever thought why the interior decoration of some houses is awesome and amazing and some other houses seem simple and ordinary?

It is not enough to have a collection of home appliances. You must use different textures, designs, and materials at home. The texture reduces the uniformity of the environment and creates a space away from boredom, which can be in the furniture at home or at their surfaces. Decor design is like art that talks to everyone in different ways. Only darkness-brightness is not seen at the time of observation, but also the sensation of sight and touching are combined together and softness, hardness, coldness, inactivity, roughness, warmness, and so on is felt. Some people like to have temerity in designing their home decor, combine the colors, and use different textures and fabrics, while others like simplicity, straight lines, and modern furniture. The most important point about using texture in decoration is to create balance and simplicity. It is recommended that you do not use a lot of similar textures in home decoration, but try to diversify your choices and do not exceed the addition of texture.

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